Prior to becoming F1 Lodge, it was known as Jeanne d’Arc Lodge 4168, however, it would not have been in existence if had not been for the original Jeanne d’Arc Lodge No. 5 of France. No. 5 came into being through the activities and stewardship of a number of Freemasons who were serving with the British Military Forces stationed in the Rouen area during the 1914-1918 war. They wished to form a Lodge in that city and the name was aptly chosen as there are many historical associations with Rouen and British history. No. 5 France was consecrated on the 16th December 1916.

In early 1920, several founders of No. 5 France, when realising they would be demobilised from France and on their return petitioned for a new Lodge to be formed in England. The consecration of Jeanne d’Arc Lodge 4168 took place on the 16th December 1920, which was on the 4th anniversary of No. 5 France.

Jeanne d’Arc supported the Duke of Connaught and Strathearn’s appeal for erecting a new Masonic Peace Memorial and in turn it qualified to become a Hall Stone Lodge.

Due to falling membership and the failure to attract suitable candidates Jeanne d’Arc Lodge decided they would surrender their warrant shortly after reaching their Centenary in the latter half of the 2020. At around the same time a group of F1 and motorsports enthusiasts was looking to form a new special interests Lodge. Expressions of interest in this special interests Lodge grew rapidly and after initial discussion, Jeanne d’Arc Lodge started its association with this enthusiastic group of motorsport fans.

The brethren of Jeanne d’Arc granted its consent for the Lodge to be ‘Overtaken’ and repurposed as Formula One Lodge 4168. The ‘Overtake’ had a few challenges, namely in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, the vibrant energy and harmony of the brethren was remarkable. Formula One Lodge allows brethren to share their passion of F1 and practice their Freemasonry together, whilst maintaining the principles and creating new traditions of the Lodge. 4168 celebrated its Centenary on the 16th December 2020 and will be formally celebrated in 2022.